Foods you should try when traveling to Philippines


Planning to visit the Philippines sometime soon? In this article we will take a quick look at some of the delicious foods that you can eat while you tour this beautiful country. Most people don’t appreciate Filipino food as much as they should. This is mainly because Filipino food has received a pretty bad rap on the global culinary scene.

However, with many culinary trend forecasters predicting Filipino cuisine the one to watch, people are now starting to slowly embrace their food. Filipino food has a fusion of Spanish, Malaysian, Chinese, and indigenous cooking styles. The experience of eating food in the Philippines is like nothing else on earth.

Here are some of the most popular Filipino foods to watch out for when you visit. Some of these foodstuffs are only found in the streets and will be specified in the article.


This is one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines. It consists of either pork, beef, seafood, chicken or vegetables that have been marinated with vinegar, garlic and soy before being cooked in oil and then simmered in the remaining marinade. The best place to enjoy this delicious meal is on the streets in most if not all local restaurants. You can also buy Adobo in market stalls and food courts throughout the country… It costs about $1-2 which is 40-60 pesos. It is normally served with mountains of white rice.


This is the perfect starter meal for those of you with hearts of steel. It is a traditional afternoon snack that is very popular in the Philippines. You’ll notice that many of the locals will be buying this food from see street side hawkers. However, you need to be careful about cleanliness to avoid any stomach complications later. Even though it looks like a regular boiled egg, when cracked open, you’ll get an 18-day-old duck embryo. This tiny semi-formed duck is enjoyed by cracking the shell from one end and peeling off the top. You then drink the soup and give the leftovers a good shake of salt before finishing them off. Most people say that this food tastes like chicken. You’ll have to try it for yourself to find out.


This fantastic meal is mainly made from the Philippines grilled milkfish. The milkfish is usually fried and then serve with soya and garlic or vinegar. It is very common in the market stalls and food courts and can be bought for about $2 which is about 60-80 pesos.

Multicolored dessert halo-halo

‘Halo-halo’ means ‘mixed together’ in Tagalog dialect. This delicious dish is made up of heaps of sweet stuff mixed together to create a surprisingly sensational taste. The dish is usually layered over a base of condensed milk and shaved ice in a tall glass. Purple yam ice cream toppings are added to the dish, with sprinkles of sugar and fruits. This dish will definitely knock you off your feet!


This mouth watering dish is normally served alongside Lumpia. The Filipino noodle dish is mixed with chicken, pork, and vegetables and served for breakfast or taken as an afternoon snack. It goes for around $0.5, which is about 25 pesos


This dish is often served on a sizzling hot plate. The pork dish is prepared by boiling a pig’s head, and then it is barbecued or grilled to add a smoky flavor. The meat is then chopped into tiny pieces, and fried with garlic, onion, and spices. Most of the restaurants will serve variations of the dish using tuna, chicken, tofu, or even squid instead of pork. Other ingredients may be added too i.e. mayonnaise or raw egg or mayonnaise. This will depend on the order that you make.


  1. Food hygiene in the Philippines is almost non-existent, if you don’t want to spend the next 24hrs in the bathroom do not buy anything edible in the street. However, cooked in the right environment such a quality hotel restaurant the food can be very tasty. I draw the line at eating Balut, I don’t like my boiled eggs to come with feathers attached. Also, some of the dishes although very tasty can often look like it was scraped off the washroom floor. Fresh fruit is also very nice and varied, again make your fruit salad yourself in your hotel room and make sure you wash it in an antibacterial.

  2. I’ve never been to the Philippines, but other than the noodle dish, and the fruit dish, there is NO way i would ever eat that food. They had a picture of oysters and prawns, but never told about them, i would try them.

    • Betty i have been there many times and have eaten every thing they listed and many others all of it very good. Only thing on the list i wouldn’t eat was the balut. They take great care in food preparation they can’t afford to get sick health care is expensive. Just be careful of street food.

  3. I have been to the Philippines many times, there is a very wide variety of excellent quality food available everywhere! Their local food is delicious and not so different from typical Western style Chinese food. They also have typical fast food resto’s everywhere; pizza, chicken, bugers, etc. It appears that William above doesn’t truly understand what he is saying. It’s possible that he is exaggerating because he made a mistake and any well seasoned traveler knows that you ‘can’ get a stomach upset from street food anywhere in the world! The Philippines people are some of the cleanest people in the world because they know that their health care system is under funded. They work very hard to keep everything as clean as possible to avoid any mishaps and I regularly eat in their local simple restaurants and I have never had one stomach upset.




  5. Will travel and try this as soon as my divorce is finalized. We’ll see what she leaves me after cleaning me out!!!!

    • We Filipino’s will love you to stay here as long as you want.
      Everyone is friendly and willing to help out even strangers. We are well known for being industrious and caring people.

      • Was in the Navy and spent alot of time there and enjoyed every thing but the bolut just didn’t appeal to me but the rest was always good. Visited many viliages and their food was a little different than the city but just as good. And never once upset my stomach.

  6. For good Filipino food try to get invited to someones home or go to a good hotel restaurant.
    Very rare to find a good local Filipino food. If you eat pork there are many places to get roasted pig which is always good there.

  7. Being in Manila for business, travelling every month, staying 3 weeks each time…

    ….. only places I could SOMEHOW enjoy food, were whatever restaurants were existing in Makati, serving ANYTHING but Philippino food!….

    In general, PH food, is the most blunt, most indifferent and most tasteless kinda shit I ever tasted in my life and I have been travelling & living in more tan 30 countries so far!….

    As for cleanliness, even in Makati or Rockwell (their most upscale neighborhood where I was staying), you could see everywhere on the streets huge cockroaches running around!….

    Only really worthy thing to eat of PH cuisine and only place to go for it without problems and really high quality, is the Lechon (charcoaled pork on a spit), in “Zubuchon”. The place is in Makati and is really serving one of the best available globally versions of roasted pork!….-:)


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